Friday, January 9, 2009

Posted about our house, but you have to scroll down because I had started the post back in November but never finished.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Still here

Such a precious face!
So I am finally able to post something. (And update my blog--finally!) Life has been a bit hectic and that is my excuse for not blogging. Plus, computers have crashed and internet has been down, so that hasn't helped. We finally moved into our house, well, back in November, and are adjusting well in our space. Of course unpacking and organizing have been slow and there's still lots to do. Our kitchen is also still in the process of renovation, but Tim finally got the oven and stovetop in, so now we don't have to eat any more microwavable dinners!
It seems amazing that we have already experienced Christmas and the start of a new year in our new home; time has really been moving! There's lots to update on, but I would be up all night, so I'll try to just mention the highlights. Dylan is continuing his amazing growth and weighed in at 14 lbs, 14 ozs and 24.5 inches at his second month appointment--he's already fitting in to some six months clothes and everyone that meets him comments on how big he is. He loves to smile and "talks" a lot--he really is a loud boy and much more vocal than I remember Kaylin to be. He absolutely HATES the car and screams until hoarse everytime we drive anywhere longer than ten minutes. That's been lots of fun.
Kaylin is well into her "terrible twos" and can be a little devil one moment and the sweetest little angel the next. She's really been testing her limits and my patience, so if anyone has any great suggestions on discipline, or any good books on the subject, feel free to chime in. She loves her little brother, loves to help and take care of him, but sometimes doesn't know when she's being too rough. But I love to see her be sweet to him (she holds his hand in the car to try to get him to stop crying) and I know she'll love as he continues to grow and develop his personality.
Here are some brief pictures from Christmas and New Years. We had a good time with family but stayed close to home since there was so much to do (plus Kaylin, Dylan and I all came down with a cold that lasted two weeks--not fun). Still, I was able to get the decorations out and even though the house was a bit messy, we enjoyed our first Christmas in our new home.

Auntie's cool shades

The Santa hat club

First Christmas

Sweet smiles

Who's that in there?

Happy New Year!