Wednesday, April 29, 2009

6 months already?!

So Dylan turned 6 months on the 20th and I just can't believe it's going so fast. I guess with the second one that's just the way it goes.

So for his stats: 18lbs, 6 oz; 27 inches long. Pretty much 75th percentile all around, even his head. I think his growth is slowing and he's thinned out a bit--of course I attribute this to the distracted stage he's in everytime he nurses.

We started him on solid foods now that he's six months and I think he isn't too sure about it. He doesn't really know what to do with the food in his mouth, sometimes it just stays in there or it comes right back out. (I have a feeling he's going to be more of a mamma's milk kinda boy.) He does get some of it down but not much. He'll get more practice and hopefully like it more. He does love when Kaylin starts feeding him (even though he usually gags cause he's getting a spoon thrust into his mouth). He always starts cracking up and thinks it's a hoot. Pretty cute. And don't worry, i'm always supervising and she does pretty well.

He's sitting up okay, although he for some reason likes to lunge forward until he's on his tummy again, so he doesn't get much practice. I think it will be a little while still. He gets around a little by rolling everywhere and is working at getting his butt up in the air, although he doesn't know how to put his knees under himself, so crawling is still a ways away. (I'm glad.)

Overall, he's an easygoing kid that likes to take everything in (like whatever Kaylin's doing), loves being held and cuddled, smiles easily, but will only sleep if mom's holding him (sometimes dad, but not usually). So we're working on this because the poor guy doesn't get much sleep during the day (and I don't get a lot done). But he's definitely got my heart. :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter pics belated

So I've been having issues with my blog and am just now getting up Easter pics. Kaylin and Dylan were both as cute as can be in their Easter oufits and Kaylin had a ball searcing for eggs at our house and at Grandmommy and Grandaddy's house. At church they had a bounce house, petting zoo and another easter egg hunt for the kids so she had a blast their too. We went over to my parents after church and enjoyed a big brunch and lounging time with everyone.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So for you parents out there with young kids, how often do you play with your kids? I feel lately that I am just not doing enough of this. I find myself busy or itching to get stuff done and so I haven't been spending as much time just sitting down interacting/playing with my kids. I used to be a lot better at this, but honestly, lately the desire to do so has just been minimal. I feel guilty about that, but with one child who doesn't nap at all, and another who doesn't nap well plus a larger house with lots of projects, I am feeling distracted and a little burned out. I think 6 weeks plus of illnesses hasn't helped any. I think I need to get out of the house more. Anyway, it would be interesting to hear from others.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Catching up

First I have to say, sorry for the lack of pictures, we lost our camera somewhere in the house and haven't been able to find it for a few weeks.

Some of the things happening here are Kaylin getting another cold, right after having her first very nasty ear infection, me starting to get her cold and Tim having a sinus infection; I have to ask myself and wonder if this cold season is ever going to end for us!? We've been working on some house projects, like finally painting the downstairs bathroom (unfortunately I don't think I have a before picture). It was a hideous brown color (even the ceiling) and now it is a much more mellow shade of "green tea." Tim got up the last of the kitchen cabinets, so now we just need to put the floors, backsplash and decide on the countertop. Of course we have a lot of other house projects to keep us busy, like sprucing up the exterior of our house--this is going to be a big project and keep us busy for quite awhile.

Probably the biggest news, though, is Kaylin starting to potty train. Today is her second day without diapers and she has been accident free all day. We're sticking close to home and keeping her without a diaper or underwear on, because otherwise she won't tell us she has to go to the bathroom, she'll just go in whatever she's wearing (at least that was the case yesterday). So I figure if she gets used to a couple of days without anything on and only using the potty, she may be ready to wear underwear and still use the potty. So hopefully things will still continue to go well and then she'll be completely potty trained. Of course, I'm nervous about the first few trips out of the house, but we'll figure that out as we go. (She's afraid of the big toilet so that may be an obstacle to leaving the house. Any tips?)

Dylan continues to get cuter and cuter, and is starting to learn to sit up a bit, but I think he still has a ways to go before he's sitting up unassisted. He'll be six months soon and starting to eat solid foods, so I hope we can find our camera before then.

Tim finished his first full week as a Job Captain for an architectural firm in Sacramento. He's doing the same thing he was doing before, so I think he'll do really well. And we're just thankful he is working.

Okay, as a quick side note, Tim just captured the biggest bee I have ever seen that was in our house (I didn't even know he was in here)! It was at least as big as a black bee, but I think bigger. Eww, it was creepy!

Gotta sign off and go figure out dinner.