Thursday, August 30, 2007

Getting those creative juices flowin again!

So tonight I started my first day back at school! I'm taking an introductory graphics design class at one of the Sacramento city colleges to see if it'd be something I'd be interested in for a possible future career. I haven't been in school for two years, so it was definitely interesting being back in a classroom again. I've always had an interest in design and secretly wished I had gotten my degree in graphic design instead of English. It seems like such a fun, creative field that also has great potential for a career. I could work from home, which would be great, or I could even work just by contracting out. Of course, that's way down the line if I even choose to pursue this. It would be a really slow process too, since I would only take one night class a semester so that I wouldn't have to worry about getting care for Kaylin during the day. I figure it will take me about three years to finish the certificate program, but that would be alright because that's when Kaylin would just be starting school. I decided that I only want to stay home full time until the kids are in school, then I would like to work at least part-time. And this would be a great career because it has the potential for so much flexibility. I have to admit though, it's going to be hard to get out the habit of all things baby and get my mind working in a different way again. This class is going to demand a lot of creativity and my mind's a bit rusty since I don't get out much or have much interaction with people other than Tim and Kaylin. So this will be good for me. And it will give Tim and Kaylin more time together to bond, without mom around.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Blogger's block

So I haven't written in awhile, partly because I'm busy, partly because I just haven't felt like it. I feel like I have nothing important or interesting to say. I have blogger's block I guess. I haven't even really felt like commenting on people's blogs either. I'm still around though, and when I have something interesting to share, or more pics, i'll be back on.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pics from the rest of our trip

Here are some more pictures. (Maybe I should learn how to do the flicker slideshow thing so I can put up all of my pictures.) Well here's a lot of them anyway. We were busy everyday, and I was worried that Kaylin wouldn't do well with that, but she really did great. She only got fussy toward the end of the trip, and it was really only when she was overtired or hungry. The pictures are from Morro Bay, downtown, Avila, and Solvang. I know that for most of you living on the central coast, our trip wouldn't be much of a vacation, but we had fun visiting our old stomping grounds. There's a lot to do down there when you haven't been in awhile. And it was great being all together everyday--I know Kaylin loved having Tim around as much as I did. Hope you all had a great week!

At the Mission
I love this one!

Avila Valley Barn...

Having fun at Avila Beach. She absolutely loved the water!

...but hated the sand!

This one's great too!

Picnic in Solvang

Waterfall in Solvang

So serene! (They're looking at a bird.)

This says it all!

She loved watching this band at Farmers!

Weekend at Lake San Antonio

We're back from our week long vacation, and here are some pics from the lake portion of it. We had such a great time seeing everyone and catching up (it'd been way too long since I had seen some of these wonderful friends!) Thanks Katie and Jen for organizing this--we definitely have to try to do this annually! It was beautiful area, the weather wasn't too hot, and the little ones (Kaylin and Caedra) did great! (It's always easier when you have several eyes watching over them, since they were constantly on the go!) Kaylin loved the water and went right in! She's our little water baby! Overall, it was a great trip and I can't wait to do it again!

The daddies with their girls!

cute girls!

"I'm one!"

Stuffing her face.
Katie with me and Kaylin

The group (minus Karen, who left early).

The girls

Our family!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Vacation time!

We're heading to Lake San Antonio to spend the weekend with friends, and then to slo for the rest of the week, so I'll be absent from the computer til we get back. We'll have lots of pictures and stories to share when we return, and hopefully we'll even see some of you while we're down there! Until then...have a great weekend and week!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


More of Kaylin's silly faces!

Mom and Kaylin in Nevada City

A little trick she likes to do

Kaylin has a new obsession with chairs...

...and glasses.

She's learning to stack things and made this "tuna tower" all by herself!

Fun with Dad!

Cute girl! (And you can't see it but she's sitting on her little chair.)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Browns become "Simpsonized"

So here are Tim, Kaylin, and I if we were ever to be Simpson characters. Kinda silly and a waste of time, I know, but we wanted to "simpsonize" ourselves and see what we would look like. I think it's fairly accurate. Although, Tim looks a bit like Harry Potter, and Kaylin looks a bit older, but it's close enough. If you guys are bored and are curious as to what you would look like as a Simpson character, go to, upload a picture of yourself and have fun seeing how it turns out!