Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Okay, for those of you who have two or more children, how do you do it? How do you balance a newborn's needs and an active two-year-old's needs? (As well as some of your own, like taking a shower or running errands?)

Today is the last day that I will have someone around to help me. My sister is leaving around 3 to head back to Los Angeles, and she has spent the last several days tending to Kaylin while I have Dylan. I have to say, I'm a little scared to be alone with both of the kids. Luckily, Dylan sleeps a lot and doesn't really cry much, but he does like to eat a lot, so I'm on the couch with him much of the day. This leaves plenty of opportunity for Kaylin to get into things. Part of the concern is that we're at my parents, so there's more for Kaylin to get into that she shouldn't (they never really baby-proofed) and the house is bigger, so I don't always know where she is like I did in our last place. Another issue is that we were not planning on staying at my parents this long--we thought maybe a few weeks, but it's turned into almost three months. I didn't pack a lot of Kaylin's toys, so I think she's getting bored and i'm not the most creative with organizing things for her to do (and again, we're at my parents, so I can't just put her in front of paints and let her go at it). I find myself putting in videos way too often to keep her close by and out of trouble, but I hate doing that. And unfortunately there's no parks nearby because at least that would be an option.

I am awaiting a sling I bought online, so I know that will help a bit. I guess this is just a time of adjustment for everyone, more complicated because we're not at our own house. I just want to make sure that Kaylin doesn't feel left out and that she's getting enough stimulation/attention, but I also don't want to sacrifice Dylan's care and attention. Anyone have any suggestions, tips or advice to share?

Another complication that I have no idea how to deal with is naps. Unfortunately, Kaylin never learned to nap or fall asleep by herself. I made the mistake of always holding her, rocking her, nursing her to sleep, and even up until the last few days, someone has to go into the room with her and lay with her in bed until she falls asleep. This is definitely not going to work with having Dylan. So i'm worried that her naps are just going to be dropped, and she definitely still needs them (as do I). Again, anyone have any suggestions? Okay, i'll stop sounding freaked and go get working on stuff.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Birth story

Since I've added pictures of Dylan to the blog, I figured I should probably share how he was born. I'll try to keep it brief.

As you know (those who read from earlier posts) the little guy was taking his time in making an appearance, and I had several days of braxton hicks and then mild to moderately painful contractions before I went into real labor early Monday morning. I woke up around 2 am on Monday with a painful contraction and waited until I had my third somewhat regular contraction before waking up Tim. From there things started moving quickly, my contractions were getting stronger and closer together so we packed the rest of our bag and left for the hospital. My mom stayed with Kaylin, who slept through all of it, and my dad followed behind us. We got to the hospital around 2:30, went up to check in, meanwhile my contractions are getting stronger and stronger and I'm having to really concentrate through them, walking and almost fainting a few times. They finally got me in to check me and I was 5 cm. They put me in my labor room where I really started to struggle with the contractions. They were coming right on top of each other, some only giving me 30 seconds to rest in between. I requested an epidural at that point (I had been there maybe half an hour) and they told me they had to do blood work first and it would probably be an hour before I'd be able to get one. I was a little frustrated about that, so the nurse offered some pain medication to take the edge off, which I of course took. The nurse checked me again a few minutes later telling me I was about the same--still about 5 cm (of course I was thinking, how could I be the same when those contractions were so strong?!). I was really starting to feel the pressure down low and at that point the midwife came in to check on me, asking if I felt the urge to push. I told her that I was just starting to, so she decided to check me and I was 9cm, fully effaced and his head was completely down there. (I don't know about the other nurse, hmm.) At that point I looked at her and asked if that meant I wouldn't be able to get an epidural. She said probably not. This scared me because of what I had experienced with Kaylin. (Her very large head, two hours of pushing and forceps to get her out, not to mention the bad tearing.) So the midwife told me to go ahead and push when I got the urge. Right when she said that, I got the urge and just started pushing. The contractions weren't as bad (the little bit of medication really helped) and they were coming a little further apart, giving me more of a break. I pushed for half an hour, even with him facing up. (I was surprised when I found out about this because I didn't have bad back labor at all.) He came out after the half hour, a big and healthy boy. I got to hold him right away and Tim cut his cord. (We didn't get to do either with Kaylin, so that was a really neat experience that I was hoping for this time.)

Overall this was a much better experience, even without the epidural. I still can't believe that I did this naturally--I'm such a wimp and don't have much of a pain tolerance. God definitely got me through this, that's all I can say! I am recovering really quickly too and have to keep reminding myself that I am still recovering and to take it easy.

All the changes have been easier too because so far Dylan has been a really easy baby. He hardly cries (only when hungry or getting his diaper changed) and has been nursing really well. (It seems that's all he wants to do!) Sleeping at night is a somewhat different story though. He sleeps fine but really doesn't seem to like laying flat on his back, or by himself. So either Tim or I hold him through the night (we take turns). Not an ideal situation at all, but he just doesn't like his bassinet. Anyone have any suggestions? I've been putting him in his boppy during the day, even though they tell you not to let babies sleep in it. He does really well in that.

Okay have to go warm up dinner (thank goodness for leftovers!) Guess I really didn't keep this brief, did I?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pics from the hospital

Right after little Dylan was born. I was able to hold him right away--well after he was cleaned.

Big boy

Not liking his bath.

Kaylin meeting her little brother.


Our family

Leaving the hospital

Cute! And too bad it's not a real smile!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

He finally came!

Our little boy finally decided to greet the world and made his appearance early Monday morning. I'm a bit sleep deprived so more details and pics to come later. For now i'll just give his stats:

Dylan James
born 10/20/08 at 5:18 am
9lbs 3oz
21 inches

He's healthy and things went well. Just got home a few hours ago. Going to try to take a nap and later i'll add the story and a few pictures of our new little man.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

No baby

So still at home waiting. No baby. I thought things were starting last night because I began having what I thought were regular contractions, but when I laid down, they stopped. So now today i'm just sitting on the couch waiting. I'm still getting contractions, but they are in no way regular. I think things are starting, but that it's going to be slow going and still may be a few days out. Of course, according to when I think i'm due (not the doctors) i'm not really late, so it still may be awhile.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Still nothing...

No baby yet. Braxton hicks have even slowed down. Maybe it's still going to be awhile yet. Guess i'll just have to keep waiting. I know he'll be here eventually, but the waiting and not knowing is tough. Of course, then I get scared for the whole process to actually start because, let's face it, labor is hard and this time around I have more of an idea of what's ahead. I just keep praying that this time will be quick (but not too quick because I want an epidural!) and that I can get this little one out myself, with no tearing. (Kaylin had to be pulled out with forceps after an hour and a half of pushing--her head was too big.) Okay, more news to come when things start...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Still here

Well nothing today, but I'm thinking it may be in the next few days. Sorry if this is tmi, but just lost the mucous plug (or at least some of it) and i've been feeling lots of pressure down low and getting more painful braxton hix contractions. Although with Kaylin, I lost my mucous plug and it wasn't until a week later that I had her, so you just never know. Keep you posted...

Just never know...

Had another doctor's appointment yesterday. 3cm dilated and 70% effaced, head's down there, so I guess it could be any time now. Just have to play the waiting game. I feel tired this morning and crampy, kind of like i'm about to get my period. Of course, that could be the result of the examination yesterday. It's hard not knowing when this is going to happen. I have a weird feeling it may be today, but I could be way off too. Only time will tell I guess. I'll try to keep this updated if something does happen.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

To my firstborn

Since these are the last few days I will have with just my little girl, I wanted to do a tribute to her, to my first born. Here's a little montage of pictures of her young life, just to show her off. She's grown fast and I cherish all the memories I have with her. I hope the times we spent together are meaningful to her as well, but I know she won't remember them very clearly as time goes on. She's a sweet little girl, so full of life and energy, always with a smile on her face. She's gotten extra cuddly lately, which I love, because she never used to do much of that. Maybe she's more aware of the upcoming changes than I realize. I have learned so much from her, how to be a mother, what to do right and what to do wrong. She's taught me how to be young again, how to imagine and create. It makes me a bit sad to realize this season with just my little girl is coming to an end, but I know we will still have great adventures ahead. I want to make sure that I spend time with just her every once in awhile so she still knows how precious she is and how much I love her. Here's to you, sweet pea! And thanks for being such a wonderful first child!

Monday, October 13, 2008


So today is my official due date. No baby yet, and no big signs that he's on his way really soon. I did have a few pretty intense braxton hix contractions last night, but I think it was from doing too much and from being on my feet too much. (Kaylin really keeps me busy!) After laying down and going to bed, I didn't have any more. They did make me realize though, that this is going to happen very soon and it's actually real! I'm going to have another baby! Sometimes I get a little scared. I've heard that going from one to two kids is pretty intense, and Kaylin is so busy and energetic all the time, that i'm afraid it's going to be pretty tough to meet the demands of two. I guess i'll just have to take it day by day and we'll all just have to adjust. Thank goodness for having two sets of grandparents around and a wonderful, supportive husband!

My goal for today is to finally pack for the hospital and finish a load of laundry, along with a few other things that have been awaiting my attention. My parents have the day off today, though, so hopefully I can get some stuff accomplished.

I'll try to keep everyone updated as things start to progress...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Due date

So my official due date is October 13th, not what I put on my blog for the countdown, which is set for the 17th. That means just 5 days! The reason I put the later date is because I used the day I ovulated, not the date of my last period, so I think it may be more accurate. The doctors use the period date, so they're saying the 13th; we'll see. I think it will be later. Plus, in the first few ultrasounds I had, he measured closer to the 17th, 18th. And if he's anything like Kaylin was, he'll be late anyway.

But the countdown will begin Monday, the 13th, so i'll just be laying low, waiting to see what will happen. And i'll keep the blog updated, too. As of last Friday, my last doctor's appointment, I was about 2 cm, not completely soft or thinned, but getting there, and his head hadn't completely dropped yet. My doctor said she didn't think he would be coming early, and I don't mind because I still have lots to get done! Here we go...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Belly and baby

Here's a belly shot from back in August.

This is the most recent of my belly shots. It was from about a week ago, so I'm about 37 weeks here. And yep, I really carry out front, nice and round. Most people that stop me first comment that I must be due any day (and I was getting that almost two months ago) or they ask if I'm having twins. Makes you feel really good. :)

Here's my baby shower--high tea in Davis. Nice and relaxing and low-key.

Kaylin enjoying tea as a princess. She wasn't actually at the shower, Tim watched her so we could enjoy some quiet. She does love having tea though, and would have really liked it.