Monday, February 14, 2011

Our year so far...

Okay, it has been way long since I've posted. I started this post back in February and am just now getting around to finishing it. (It'll post saying February but really, we all know it's April.) I really must be the worst blogger ever. Anyway, I had originally meant to do a little update on how I am doing with my New Years resolutions so I'll get to that first. I think I've only had marginal success, to be honest. (And really, who ever actually accomplishes their resolutions anyway? At least that's what I'll tell myself.) And as the days quickly pass, my effort slowly lapses.

I did really well with reading for a bit and read probably five books, but it's been a bit since i've last picked one up.

I was going to the gym pretty regularly, but then had like a three week break and just this week resolved to get back and get this weight off! (And speaking of weight loss, any of you with three kids have a really hard time losing the weight the third time around? Since the initial weight loss after the delivery i've probably only lost three pounds with three months of exercise. Frustrating!) As for the half-marathon, yeah, not so much. I am still trying to plan for a 10k but nothing has been set in stone yet. Some days are better for time management and of course, some days are lousy. The kids are watching less tv, for the most part, but I'm watching about the same. Reminder: cancel cable! And darn you Biggest Loser and Parenthood and the Office...I was doing a bit better for awhile getting up early but haven't in a while so I need to continue to work on that, and for that to happen I need to go to bed earlier. And the worst one is that I still am not reading the Bible/doing daily devotions because, again, I'm not getting up early enough. I really need to work on this one.

Here are some random pictures:

making silly faces

Trip up to the snow to go sledding

Auntie Karen and Uncle Aaron were able to join us!

Clara being cute and laughing at Kaylin

Tim and I going out for our anniversary dinner (which we had to rush through because Clara cried the entire time!)

Dylan helping daddy mow

Okay, I think my new resolution should be to blog more...