Monday, November 8, 2010

Tim turned 30 in San Francisco!

Happy 30th birthday to my wonderful husband!
For Tim's 30th I surprised him with a trip to San Francisco! My parents watched the kids (not Clara, we took her along) so that we could enjoy our little weekend getaway just the two (three) of us. (Any of you who have more than one child know that a vacation quickly turns into work when taking everyone along.) We left Saturday morning, getting a later start than I wanted. We went to the Golden Gate bridge where we both walked across for the first time. (A tourist must do!) It was Clara's first time too! We didn't actually walk all the way across, that would have taken too long. But it was fun and we got to see Alcatraz and beautiful views of the city! We didn't really have much time for much else after checking into our hotel and getting dinner. We walked around Union Square a bit after dinner and did some shopping and then headed back to the hotel. On Sunday we spent the day at the California Acadamy of Sciences, a new museum that cost 500 million to build! It was incredible and we were there for almost 5 hours and still didn't see everything! What was really unique was their huge, all living, rainforest that you can walk through, with butterflies flying all around and really unique plant species. They also had a floor that was an entire aquarium! You could walk over it and see it underneath various displays, and you could walk under it and see it above you! Since there was so much to see, we didn't do anything else on Sunday (even with an extra hour thanks to Daylight Savings) and drove back to Sacramento to get the kids. We both missed them and all their antics but they had fun with their grandparents. We ended the day with cake and candles for Tim, but didn't get any pictures because our camera died right before we sang to him! Oh well. Overall a great weekend that I hope made my husband feel special and loved.
Tim on the bridge

With Clara. It was a bit windy on the bridge, but the weather was beautiful.

The Golden Gate bridge! It's amazing that we live so close to such iconic things!

Clara hanging out in our hotel room.

We stayed at a little French boutique hotel in Union Square. It was very quaint!

Lunch on Sunday (Tim's birthday).

One of the very unique plants in the rainforest at the musuem.

Huge, disgusting looking spiders that gave me the willies! (Behind glass, thankfully!)
More butterflies.

A giant octopus that "walked" across the entire display viewing window. It was such a neat thing to see, a picture just doesn't capture it.


Clara viewing some fishies.

Is it a plant or a seahorse?

They have an albino alligator there too!

On the roof, which is covered in grass and plants because it is all living!

Monday, November 1, 2010

McQueen and Halloween! (Hey that rhymes!)

This is my Halloween post but I had to add a pic of Dylan's cake that Tim made for his birthday because he did such an amazing job! Dylan loved it and we felt kinda bad cutting into it at his birthday party!

Dylan was so excited about McQueen!

Kaylin at her preschool

Carving into our pumpkins. Although this year was the first year that I did not actually carve a pumpkin. I cut the top off but that was as far as I got. Too busy I guess.

The flower and bee at our church's trunk or treat

Our little pumpkin on her first Halloween

Heading out. Clara was a ladybug but this was really one of the only pictures of her that we got. I guess that's what happens when it's your third child. Sorry Clara.

Trick or Treat!