Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our house

I meant to post this when we first moved in, but then I didn't have internet and got busy and distracted with lots of other things. There is still lots of stuff to do (including a kitchen to finish) but I wanted to share some before and after pictures of our house. This is all before we moved in, minus the second living room shot, and I haven't updated any of them because most of the rooms are pretty messy and not quite done yet. So i'll share those later.

Front of the house before

After (Green grass and cleared out weeds and dead plants--but still lots we want to do)

This picture probably shows the best example of the changes. Tim restored the original fireplace (took sooo much longer than he thought), took out the tile floors and put down hard wood and new baseboards, and painted. Makes a huge difference and he did such a good job--i'm so pleased with how it turned out!
Family room before

Fixed the broken window, had new carpet installed and painted.

Master bedroom before

New carpet and paint; Tim also fixed the creaky floorboards after he ripped up the carpet so that it wouldn't be so noisy when walked on. (The carpet was the worst in this room--tons of stains and smelled really bad.)
So i'll share pictures of the kitchen when it's not such a mess and closer to being done.
Gotta run--Dylan's fussing!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Getting dressed up for church's trunk or treat as Cinderella

First real bath

Doesn't like it so much
So Dylan hit three weeks today. He still hasn't had his two week checkup so I don't know what his stats are; his appointment is tomorrow. I can't believe it has almost been a month since he was born--it really is going fast. I need to enjoy this newborn time; it's going to be over before I know it. I'm starting to get the hang of things a little better now, but I still haven't ventured out on my own with both of them yet.
Kaylin's still adjusting but she loves her brother. (When she notices that he's there.) She only has problems when she's tired--then she can really throw a fit! I'm still getting used to that side of her, she never used to be all that fussy or temperamental, but with all the changes she's had to adjust to, I guess she's actually doing pretty well. It's just hard when he's crying because he's hungry and she's screaming and crying (usually down on the floor) and wants me to pick her up because she needs me too. That's tough because there's only one of me. I'm hoping that she'll be back to herself in the next few months. Of course we have one more major change ahead and that's moving into our house (hopefully this weekend! Yay!) so I hope she handles that okay.
And one last thing: Happy Birthday Tim! (A few days late.) We were able to go out for a late dinner and dessert without the kids, which was really nice. We don't get to see each other much these days, so that was really nice to reconnect a bit. Dylan did okay, but didn't like to take the bottle, which I hope changes so we can go out once in awhile. It's definitely needed every once in awhile!