Sunday, March 28, 2010

14 weeks

Finally a belly shot! My first one at 14 weeks.

PS: I'm vain and really the only reason I wanted to take the picture was because I had just gotten my hair done!

The big 7-0!

Well my dad hit the big 7-0 in the beginning of March, so my mom planned a big party for him that took place this last weekend. We had lots of family in town, as well as some old friends of my family, so it was really neat to see everyone. But it was definitely a busy weekend. I'm just glad that we didn't have to travel more than 30 miles to attend!
My grandmother with (most) of her great-grandkids. She's 98 (and in wonderful health) and traveled all the way up from San Diego!

Grandmother and her grandkids

My dad's cousin's wife made him this pillow. Bikes were the theme of the party because my dad loves to ride.

the fam, missing Kaylin who was off running around with all the cousins

My sis and I posing on the cruiser bike

The kiddos on their very own lounge chairs

My cute nephew who was loving the window!

My dad with his two youngest grandsons

Friday, March 19, 2010

i'm still here

I know it's been a really long time since I've posted anything, so here I am with a few pictures and updates. We've been busy (or so it feels like) over here with house projects, family stuff, baby stuff, etc. (I never officially announced on here that I am pregnant. If you're friends with me on facebook then you probably saw it there. But yeah, we're expecting our third in September, so we're trying to prepare (that means buying a larger car) and trying to figure out which room the kids will be going to. Two are going to have to share. I'm also trying to get Dylan less dependent on me for sleeping and naps and such before the baby comes.)
One thing I'm really excited about is that we're soon going to have a usable backyard soon! So the kids can actually go outside and play! Since we moved in we haven't really been able to use or enjoy the backyard because it's just been dirt, weeds, dead grass, etc, but Tim's been working really hard and has prepped it for sod in the coming weeks. We'll actually have grass back there, yay! Especially since Tim's parents got the kids a swingset for Christmas that they can actually start using. And Tim's going to build them a sandbox, so they'll have lots of fun out there.
I could say more but I should get going. I'll try to be better about posting. Dylan enjoying some pudding

Kaylin in her first recital (she did really well, especially considering she had to perform 5 times on 5 different days!)

On stage--such a good performer

After the recital she was really excited to get flowers from dad.

Dylan just being cute.

It's confirmed!