Monday, March 16, 2009

Firsts, praises,..and pintos

Dylan rolled over today! He has been rolling from his tummy to his back for about a month now, but we've been waiting for the harder back to tummy. This morning Tim was on the computer and I was on our bed with Kaylin with me, Tim had put Dylan down on his jungle mat on his back and at one point I looked down, and he was on his tummy facing a different direction. I asked Tim if he had moved Dylan, but he hadn't. So, unfortunately, we both missed it, and we can't find the camera. He's done it several more times today, so hopefully we'll find our camera so that one of these time's we can catch him.

And according to Kaylin: "Mommy, you have pintos." Which I discovered means that I have pimples. Oh the harsh realizations from a two-year-old.

In other news, we praise the Lord for providing Tim with not one, but two job opportunities!! He has to choose between an architectural job and an engineering job, so now we'll pray for the Lord to lead him to the right one. It's just amazing that in these times when people are out of work for many months, that Tim gets a job before he's even officially out of work! God totally blessed us--so thanks so much for all of you who prayed for us--God definitely answered!

Friday, March 6, 2009

This and That

Not too much going on around here except almost everyone getting sick (I haven't gotten anything yet and hopefully I won't). Tim was sick first, then Dylan followed (he actually has RSV so we thank the Lord that he wasn't younger because that is so dangerous for young babies--and he's doing alright), and now Kaylin. Hopefully everyone will be on the mend soon.

Tim has his last week of work next week (his boss gave him two months notice) as well as a job interview scheduled for Wednesday, so we're praying that things will go well with that and if not then he'll start the tedious process of job hunting. It'll be nice having him home with us everyday, but with that we're both a little stressed and scared that it will take him a while to find anything. Please keep us in your prayers if you think of it.

Dylan had his 4 month checkup on Monday and is 17 pounds 11 ounces and 26 inches long. I need to get Kaylin's baby measurements out, but I'm pretty sure she wasn't to 17 pounds until she was at least 8 months old. Looks like we'll be needing to to move him out of his infant carseat soon. He started rolling over about a month ago (from tummy to back) but has yet to go from back to tummy, although he gets close. He's really in that great baby age with lots of smiles and giggles (and he's still immobile!). He's discovering his voice and loves to scream and squeal; he's our talkative, noisy kid, much different than Kaylin--she was much quieter. He also loves his big sister and will smile/laugh whenever he sees her coming into view, especially when she gets right up close to him and smiles at him--he loves it, it's so cute! She definitely can get the biggest reaction out of him.

Gotta run--Kaylin woke up from her nap crying