Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I just wanted to make a note to myself on here, because I never remember to write down the dates, that Clara went from her tummy to sitting all by herself today! I know that's probably not too big a deal but I honestly wasn't sure she if she would be able to do it for a long time. She seems to be a little slower with the gross motor skills (she still isn't rolling from her back to her tummy) so I wasn't expecting this for awhile. She does scoot around a bit on her bottom, but no crawling yet. Which I shouldn't complain about because that means I don't have to chase her around or worry that she'll get into everything.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

30 Before Thirty

Okay, I'm probably starting this late, but I want to make a list of thirty things to do before I turn 30. And I want to be bold and say that I will be able to do all of them, but I also need to be realistic because I know myself and the stage of life I'm in and I cannot even keep my house clean or shower more than twice a week so am I really going to accomplish 30 things in three months? I will have to see how things go and I may change this to 30 while still thirty, so that I have a whole year.

So here goes, 30 before thirty: (in no particular order)

  1. Lose twenty pounds

  2. Dye my hair myself with hair dye from the store (maybe brown?)

  3. Cancel cable

  4. Learn to sew and/or complete one sewing project

  5. Teach Kaylin to read

  6. Run in a race (this still hasn't happened yet)

  7. Get Clara to sleep in her crib

  8. Get up at 6:30 on a regular basis

  9. Go to the gym at least three times a week (on a regular basis)

  10. Put up pictures on the walls in the house (I'm so afraid to put any nails/holes in the walls--it's so final!)

  11. Paint a picture on my large canvas that I bought years ago and put up in the kitchen

  12. Potty train Dylan

  13. Plant a vegetable garden

  14. Read through the Bible

  15. Refinish/repaint a piece of furniture

  16. Build something, with Tim's help

  17. Cook a gourmet meal from start to finish, without Tim's help

  18. Go on a trip with just Tim

  19. Get my nails done with Kaylin

  20. Write our will

  21. Spend a whole day playing with my kids without cleaning/using the computer/interruptions (and start doing this more)

  22. Complete the set up of my craft room/office

  23. Start redecorating Tim and I's bedroom

  24. Redecorate the kid's room

  25. Start serving at church

  26. Figure out a way to serve our community as a family and then start doing it

  27. Go on a hike as a family

  28. Take a family portrait

  29. Get portraits of Clara

  30. Visit SLO

Disclaimer: I have the right to change some of these items if I deem them too hard or very unlikely to happen. But I will try hard and cross things off as I go, as well as update on here. Wish me luck!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Our first trip to the ER...

On Mother's Day!

I meant to post this right after Mother's Day, but didn't. Here's the story:

After a quiet morning at home we went to spend the rest of the day over at Tim's parents. We arrived, started making a (very) late lunch while the kids ran around and as I headed into the living room where the kids were playing to nurse Clara I watched as Dylan, who was chasing Kaylin, tripped and banged his face into the corner of the coffee table. Of course I gasped and ran over to him to assess the damage and check if he was alright/comfort him. He was bleeding from his bottom lip and of course crying pretty hard and while trying to console him, too many of us, all at the same time tried to see how big a gash he had in his lip. Everyone was yelling what to do; there was lots of chaos and it was determined that he had bitten through his lower lip and that because there was a hole that we needed to take him to the ER.

Now it is ironic that this happened (and of course on Mother's Day) because just earlier in the week I had commented to Tim one morning that I was surprised that we had never had to take any kids into the emergency room yet and that we were pretty lucky that nothing major had happened.

So of course now we find ourselves at the ER (on Mother's Day!) and long story short (sort of) Dylan had actually not bitten through his lip--it was two separate cuts so there was no hole, he didn't need stitches and we were out of there after about 15 minutes (and $180!).

So then Tim declared that we had ruined our record for nothing. But we were glad that it wasn't serious and that no stitches were needed because who wants to have their child go through that.

Here he is after being cleaned up and back from the hospital. He really was quite a trooper.

Me with all my kiddos

Lessons learned:

  • remove all coffee tables or all crazy energetic children from small rooms

  • Don't rush to the ER if it's not an emergency; take a moment, breath and really assess the situation before deciding on course of action

Definetly one of my most memorable of Mother's Days!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm blessed to call these three my kiddos and to be their mommy. I hope I can be a great momma to each of them and not mess them up too much. :)

I love you Dylan, Kaylin, and Clara!