Thursday, December 8, 2011

Right Now...

(Stole this idea because I thought it sounded fun.)

Right now I am:

watching: America's Next Top Model (should I even be admitting this? probably not.)

eating: nothing right now but contemplating some chocolate chip ice cream.

drinking: should be drinking more water.

wearing: blue plaid pajama pants, short sleeve v-neck w/ a pink sweater over.

avoiding: cleaning. house is a mess, but when is it not? lots of dirty dishes that need to be washed. but i just want to sit and veg.

feeling: a little anxious about all the things that need to get done in the next few weeks: Christmas pics need to be taken and designed and most of all, all our gifts still need to be made. oh, did i mention Tim and I made a decision to hand make all our gifts this year. for everyone. crazy. we were supposed to start in March but just started in November. still a long way to go and not very much time left.

missing: my husband, who fell asleep with the kids while putting them to bed. but he does this most every night. unfortunately he's not a night person and i am.

thankful: for many things but right now for my sister who has done so much for my family, watching the kids whenever I need her and loving them and caring for them like they were her own.

weather: google says it's 41 right now but that there will be a low of 34. brrrr.

praying: for lots of things. but need to be doing more of it consistently for specific things.

needing: a break from having to chase clara around stuffing food in her mouth everyday. I spend literally hours in a day trying to get her to eat. frustrating and stressful.

thinking: about how to try to style my hair for Tim's work Christmas party tomorrow night. it's always a pretty fancy affair and I always feel under dressed. i think i'll go to pinterest for some inspiration.

loving: the christmas season. love the smells, the traditions, the music, the time with family and everything that christmas is about.

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jenny said...

I like this. You cracked me up about Clara. I feel the same way about my Summer. I think that Clara is smaller than Summer (at least according to age), but the dr's told me I need to up her weight too and it stresses me out each meal. She's just not much of an eater!!!