Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dylan turns 3!

My boy turned three about two weeks ago and again I am behind on posting about it. Oops. Another year ending and beginning with my little man. I hope the third year has a few less meltdowns from my emotional boy than his second year had. But he's got me wrapped around his little finger no matter what and I love him to pieces. He makes me laugh and is pretty compliant when he wants to be. He really just goes with the flow most of the time. I can tell he is excited about growing up so that he can do all the things that his big sister does. But please, not too fast, Dylan.
Showing me how old he is the day he tuned three.

 We took the birthday boy to his version of heaven: the tractor museum.

Blowing out three candles in his cupcake

Hiding behind his very large present from his Grammi and Grandpa at his party at the park. (It was a ride on tractor!)

Enjoying some cake off of the candle

Thomas the Train pinata! The end of his second year has ushered in the new obsession with Thomas.

Thomas the Train cake

Opening more gifts and wearing his party hat that I made him.
Happy third birthday Dylan! I love you!

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